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    New Poster

    I'm looking for a MEMs inertial sensor for a medical application that is not sensitive to resonance caused by external acoustic signals.  Here are a few papers explaining the topic of concern.  Unintended sensor resonance could be problematic in my application.  Can you provide any insight or sensor suggestions?

    New Poster

    What is the best replacement option for the BMC150 ?

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Closest replacement would be BMA423 + BMM150 connected to the auxialiary interface.

    If you prefer a single package, then BMX160 (although it has an extra gyroscope)

    New Poster

    I have an application with 4 BMI085, which I chose because of the ability to "externally" synchronize data. Is this synchronization exclusively with gyroscope on same device?

    All 4 BMI085 will operate with identical settings, and therefore output data rates at 1600Hz. My question is 

    1. can I choose 1 gyroscope to provide synchronization to all 4 accelerometers? It is preferable to have 4 accelerometers with perfectly synchronized data, rather than each accelerometer synchronized to its gyroscope

    Thank you,


    New Poster

    Hi All

    I am using BMP280  Breakout board for my project.

    It is connected with RPI and I am using Android things OS.

    Problem Statement; BMP280 Board giving sensor changed: 181.25519 sensor changed: 180.64856, sensor changed: -135.9237, sensor changed: -133 intermittently.

    Temperature sensor is working but intermittently sensor gives -135.9237, 179.63043, -128.93599, 188.4 values continuously for sometime. After some period of time, it starts giving correct temperature automatically. I do not know the reason. I have to solve this issue. I am new in this. Can anyone help me in this?

    New Poster

    Please tell me how can I post my question ?

    I don't find no help for that.


    Best regards


    New Poster

    Hi all,

    what happens to BMP388 sensor when the NVM storing the calibration data gets corrupted?