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    New Poster

    I'm looking for a MEMs inertial sensor for a medical application that is not sensitive to resonance caused by external acoustic signals.  Here are a few papers explaining the topic of concern.  Unintended sensor resonance could be problematic in my application.  Can you provide any insight or sensor suggestions?

    New Poster

    What is the best replacement option for the BMC150 ?


    Closest replacement would be BMA423 + BMM150 connected to the auxialiary interface.

    If you prefer a single package, then BMX160 (although it has an extra gyroscope)

    New Poster

    I have an application with 4 BMI085, which I chose because of the ability to "externally" synchronize data. Is this synchronization exclusively with gyroscope on same device?

    All 4 BMI085 will operate with identical settings, and therefore output data rates at 1600Hz. My question is 

    1. can I choose 1 gyroscope to provide synchronization to all 4 accelerometers? It is preferable to have 4 accelerometers with perfectly synchronized data, rather than each accelerometer synchronized to its gyroscope

    Thank you,


    New Poster

    Hi All

    I am using BMP280  Breakout board for my project.

    It is connected with RPI and I am using Android things OS.

    Problem Statement; BMP280 Board giving sensor changed: 181.25519 sensor changed: 180.64856, sensor changed: -135.9237, sensor changed: -133 intermittently.

    Temperature sensor is working but intermittently sensor gives -135.9237, 179.63043, -128.93599, 188.4 values continuously for sometime. After some period of time, it starts giving correct temperature automatically. I do not know the reason. I have to solve this issue. I am new in this. Can anyone help me in this?

    New Poster

    Please tell me how can I post my question ?

    I don't find no help for that.


    Best regards


    New Poster

    Hi all,

    what happens to BMP388 sensor when the NVM storing the calibration data gets corrupted?


    How do I submit my question, in the question and answers part?
    I find a square for typing the question, but nothing happens. And I dont find any button for submitting.

    New Poster

    Can we use BHI260AB for machine learning purposes to run a trained decision tree model ?

    New Poster


    I'm using a BMI160 shuttle board with SPI and I get conflicts configuring two interrupts, I placed double tap to INT1 and High-G to INT2. The problem is that the last interrupt to set up seems to break the previous one configuration, see attached code.

    int8_t rslt = BMI160_E_COM_FAIL;
    struct bmi160_int_settg int_config;

    // High-G
    // Interrupt channel and type
    int_config.int_channel = BMI160_INT_CHANNEL_1;
    int_config.int_type = BMI160_ACC_HIGH_G_INT;

    // Interrupt channel/pin settings
    int_config.int_pin_settg.output_en = BMI160_ENABLE; // Output Pin
    int_config.int_pin_settg.output_mode = BMI160_DISABLE; // Push-pull mode
    int_config.int_pin_settg.output_type = BMI160_ENABLE; // Active High
    int_config.int_pin_settg.edge_ctrl = BMI160_ENABLE; // Edge triggered output
    int_config.int_pin_settg.input_en = BMI160_DISABLE; // Disable Pin as input
    int_config.int_pin_settg.latch_dur = BMI160_LATCH_DUR_NONE;
    // High-G interrupt parameters
    int_config.int_type_cfg.acc_high_g_int.high_g_x = BMI160_ENABLE;
    int_config.int_type_cfg.acc_high_g_int.high_g_y = BMI160_ENABLE;
    int_config.int_type_cfg.acc_high_g_int.high_g_z = BMI160_ENABLE;
    int_config.int_type_cfg.acc_high_g_int.high_thres = 5; // 1 g @ (value * 15.63mg for 4 g range)
    int_config.int_type_cfg.acc_high_g_int.high_dur = 2; // 20 ms [(value + 1) * 2.5ms]
    // Set high-G interrupt
    rslt = bmi160_set_int_config(&int_config, &sensor);

    // Double Tap interrupt
    // Interrupt channel and type
    int_config.int_channel = BMI160_INT_CHANNEL_2;
    int_config.int_type = BMI160_ACC_DOUBLE_TAP_INT;

    // Interrupt channel/pin settings
    int_config.int_pin_settg.output_en = BMI160_ENABLE; // Output Pin
    int_config.int_pin_settg.output_mode = BMI160_DISABLE; // Push-pull mode
    int_config.int_pin_settg.output_type = BMI160_ENABLE; // Active High
    int_config.int_pin_settg.edge_ctrl = BMI160_ENABLE; // Edge triggered output
    int_config.int_pin_settg.input_en = BMI160_DISABLE; // Disable Pin as input
    int_config.int_pin_settg.latch_dur = BMI160_LATCH_DUR_NONE;
    // Double Tap interrupt parameters
    int_config.int_type_cfg.acc_tap_int.tap_en = BMI160_ENABLE;
    int_config.int_type_cfg.acc_tap_int.tap_dur = 3;
    int_config.int_type_cfg.acc_tap_int.tap_quiet = BMI160_ENABLE;
    int_config.int_type_cfg.acc_tap_int.tap_shock = BMI160_ENABLE;
    int_config.int_type_cfg.acc_tap_int.tap_thr = 3;
    // Set double tap interrupt
    rslt = bmi160_set_int_config(&int_config, &sensor);



    I'm using the BME688 and have 2 test devices. We are trying to detect cigarette smoke with the sensor and have been doing testing in a large room with smoking for 5 minutes and then letting the air return to normal. 

    We have the sensors algorithm saying that the smoke from the cigarettes matches anything from apples and oranges to various other things.

    This testing is for commercial use and we have already order 7000 BME688s for testing and would very much like some more support but there seems to be no more infomation on proper testing and various applications or even how to use the AI Suite in a more indepth fashion.

    Is there anyone we can talk to and what about the advanced user settings? 

    New Poster


    How does one post to this forum?  I have questions about the BME688.  Unable to get it working with BSEC.  Kind Regards,


    New Poster

    Hi, i am using the Adafruit BME280 Breakout Board.

    I have to place the module in a vertical position instead of horizontally, I wanted to know if I can have problems reading the pressure.

    Thanks in advance for any support.

    New Poster

    How to ask a question

    New Poster

    BME AI-Studio is installed on Windows 10 but the window is so large I cannot select the button on the lower part of the window. How can I reduce the size? I tried my notebook and 19 inch 5x9 monitor.

    Occasional Visitor

    I am Swarna from Chennai
    I am doing business in Online Grocery Shopping in Chennai .
    Daily basis i am meeting many product supliers in warehouses.
    I have 10 Ware houses in Chennai installed CCTV Camera installed in entrance.
    Whenever product unloaded by supplier we will track person details.
    For Example)
    One Product has 6 Months Shelf Life  but Sold in 1 Month.
    Supplier will reach us 6 Times.
    Other Product has 6 Months Shelf Life but Sold in 3 Months.
    Supplier will reeach us 2 Times.

    We want to track and reward repeated suppliers .  

    If you have any products to solve this problem , i love to buy that product .

    New Poster

    Hi All,

    I would like to use the BME AI studio with my custom board. The board contains 1 BME688 and communicates with the PC over a USB VCOM (uart).

    Any help/guidance is most appreciated.

    Best Regards

    New Poster

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for BME AI-Studio for Linux (AI-Studio server) but it's not available anymore from 

    Is that normal?

    Any advice?




    New Poster

    Hi all,

              I am using BMI270 shuttle board 3.0, in that I am using SPI communication and I can able to read acceleration and gyro values as well as activity and gesture movement features also by using example code in git hub (BMI270-Sensor-API-master). I plan to use no motion interrupt and I need a duration of around 5 minutes. But in the datasheet, the no-motion interrupt range is between 0 to 163 seconds. Now no-motion interrupt works well with 163 seconds. But I need 5 minutes for my application. 

    Is any way to disable and re-enable no-motion interrupt so that I can use some increment counter in the program to make it work?

     I am new to this sensor can you guide me on how to make it work for 5 minutes? Any other ways to make it work for 5 minutes? 


    Thanks in advance for any support. Any help would be appreciated. 


    with regards,
    Occasional Visitor


    I tried to install the BME AI-studio server and unfortunately I was not able to complete it. Can anyone help me to install the srever?

    Thank you



    The example "bme68x_demo_sample" from the latest Bosch-BSEC2-Library 1.5.2400 does not compile.

    Out of RAM: "dram0_0_seg" overflowed by 9256 bytes.

    Each instance is allocated in memory: BSEC_INSTANCE_SIZE 3272

    There are two conflicting defines:



    How to run this version at least on a standard board with 8 sensors?

    New Poster



    Long term drift Drift during 1year



    トーテック 井上

    New Poster


    Since it is not according to the data sheet, I would like to confirm whether it is a defect.

    【Question matters】
    In the table on page 9 of the data sheet,
    There is a description of Long term drift Drift during 1year ±10Pa (TYP).
    In other words, it means that the value changes approximately ±10Pa in one year, but in reality

    I used 30 of the 60+α I purchased for [2 months]
    It has changed by about -15Pa.
    (Even though it's only 1/6 of the year, the current situation has already changed by -15Pa)
    All 30 of them are beautifully the same.
    The rest have undergone similar changes.

    Why is this situation?
    Also, I would like to know if this is a problem that can be solved.
    (e.g. need to be aged for the first few days)

    Thank you very much for your cooperation.
    Totech Inoue