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    FAQs - BMP384

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    1  Characteristics of BMP384

    • What is the max. overpressure and damage range of the BMP384? 

    The piezo resistive membrane withstands an overpressure of up to several bar (burst pressure). This value is for the single membrane inside the package only, so a theoretical value, because this maximum value until the sensor will be damaged is much higher than the water pressure you will use e.g. 5 bar.

    • What is the waterproof level, which you can achieve with the BMP384? 

    The possible waterproof level depends on the final 2nd integration concept, but IP67, IP68 or 5 bar is realistic if the applicable concept is used.

    • Could you elaborate on the mechanical integration concept for a watertight solution? 

    There is no generic integration concept. It depends on the customer experience and requirements. However, the customer has to take care that only the gel area gets in contact with the water. This is possible with an O-ring sealing, under fill or adhesive gel.

    • How much difference in response time of the BMP384 could be expected compared to the non-gel version? 

    There is no difference in response time due to the gel.

    •  What influence does the gel have on the performance of the sensor?

    There is almost no performance influence due to the gel-filled package.

    • What is the difference in sensor handling compared to the non-waterproof BMP388? 

    BMP384 is packed according to MSL3 level.

    2  Technical specifications

    • What is the typical current consumption of the BMP384?

    BMP384 has a typical current consumption of 3.4 µA @ 1 Hz for pressure and temperature.

    • What is the maximum pressure the BMP384 can withstand?

    If we are talking about maximum air pressure, maximum pressure the BMP384 can withstand is 10 bar.

    • What is the absolute accuracy of the BMP384?

    The absolute accuracy is ± 0.5 hPa between 900…1100 hPa from 25…40 °C.

    3  Applications and use cases of the BMP384

    • Is there any application note showing how to place/use the BMP384 in a final application? 

    We are working on an application, which will be released on our website soon.

    4  Tools for BMP384

    • Do you have an evaluation board to test the BMP384?

    Yes, an evaluation board is available via our distribution partners.

    Availability of BMP384

    •  Where can I actually buy the BMP384? 

    BMP384 is available at all our distribution partners. You can find a list on our website at

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