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    Accuracy of BME280 in high range of humidity

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    Accuracy of BME280 in high range of humidity

     I want to use a Bosch Sensortec BME280 for my job. 

    However I need to use this sensor in high range of humidity (more than 80% of relative humidity).

    So, I would like to know if the accuracy of the sensor changes when the humidity is very high during a few hours, especially when it is a condensing environment (100% of Relative Humidity).  

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    Incomplete temperature and rh accuracy specifications for BME280

    The temperature and humidity accuracy specifications for the BME280 are incomplete over the operational temperature range. Could someone provide the temperature accuracy at 65C - 85C and the humidity accuracy over the full 0% - 100% range?

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    Re: Accuracy of BME280 in high range of humidity

    All the available specifications of the humidity sensor are listed in BME280's datasheet. Please keep in mind the conditions for each specification, as your application do not seem to need the same requirements as are most common use-cases.

    Please also note that the BME280 alone is not a "waterproof" sensor. Although the BME280 may withstand 100%RH in pure water that would eventually evaporte, in actual applications non-pure water could cause corrosion to the elements inside the lid, and potentially lead to a failure of the sensor over time.

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    Re: Incomplete temperature and rh accuracy specifications for BME280

    The datasheet should cover all the available specifications of the sensor. If your specific conditions are not covered in the datasheet, we typically also cannot publish such data elsewhere either.

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    Re: Accuracy of BME280 in high range of humidity

    Thanks for the response. 

    Do you know if is it possible to have a calibration certificate for humidity with a BME280 ? 


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