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    Application Board 2.0 and BMF055 shuttle board problem

    Application Board 2.0 and BMF055 shuttle board problem

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    Hello - I am able use the BMF055  on a shuttle board with the BMF055 Breakout board to program and execute the example Stream_Data project, but when I install the shuttle board on an ApplicationBoard2.0 the power LED on the App board stays red (should be green), the 9-axis data output are all 0's, and my programmer via Atmel Studio says 'Reading ARM chip failed' - does this suggest my ApplicationBoard2.0 is bad, the devices are incompatible, or an incorrect set up or initialization?

    Thanks much, I appreciate any help provided.


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    The power LED of APP2.0 is RED,  only when you have battery installed and fully charged,  the LED will become green.

    So red LED doesn't mean anything for board status.  

    Simple way, if you have BNO055 shuttle board,  you can insert it and connect to our DD2.0 to check if it works fine. 

    If you don't have other shuttle board,  you can also try to connect to our DD2.0,  if you can get like "not supported shuttle id",  it is also means the APP2.0 is working properly.

    Vincent, Thank you for your reply.

    Okay, Red Power LED without a battery connected is normal.

    I do not have BNO055. I have two BMF055 on shuttle boards. When I use DD2.0 with either board, a dialog message window pops up and states: "Current version of Development Desktop 2.0 does not support the connected sensor".  Does this mean the APP2.0 does not work with BMF055 or that I need to update my DD2.0 (currently UI version

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Our UI is recognize the sensor shuttle boards with defined shuttle ID.   BMF055 shuttle board ID is not included in DD2.0. 

    The reason is we provide this sensor without any SW, this means our customer can program any customized SW inside BMF055 with any possible interface.

    The DD2.0 are pre-programed SW tool which have the pre-defined interface and action loaded for each sensor.

    To work with BMF055,  you need your own host SW on PC and also host MCU to read out sensor data.