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    Application Board 3.0 Bluetooth Connection

    Application Board 3.0 Bluetooth Connection

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    How do I connect my application board 3.0 via bluetooth on the development desktop 2.0?

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    Community Moderator

    Hi TheTinker,

    You could upgrade the latest datalogger firmware under "C:\COINES\v2.7.0" folder, and test it again.

    Could you clarify again on Application Board 3.0 and Bluetooth please? App Board 2.0 allowed Development Desktop 2.0 connection via Bluetooth via the Board Interface screen and selecting a COM port. Are you saying that there is no way to use Bluetooth for Application Board 3.0 and Development Desktop? 

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator


    Thanks for your inquiry.

    It is true that APP Board 2.0 (APP2.0) allows Development Desktop 2.0 (DD2.0) connection via Bluetooth via the board interface screen and selecting a virtual COM port. However, APP Board 3.0 (APP3.0) uses BLE and special protocol to transmit data via Bluetooth. Currently DD2.0 doesn't support BLE feature which means that DD2.0 doesn't know how to establish the BLE link with APP3.0 board, how to receive data packets from APP3.0 board and how to translate the data packet to real meaningful sensor data, etc. But users can use Android app running on any Android device to work with APP3.0 board for sensor configuration and data logging.

    If you really need to make APP3.0 board work with PC through BLE, then we have a temporary solution that uses COINES SW to configure sensor and uses Python SW to log sensor data into a file through BLE for post data processing. But there is no real time waveforms display like DD2.0.


    Thanks - is getting Development Desktop to work with BLE/Application Board 3.0 a likely future upgrade?