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    Application Board 3.0 Questions

    Application Board 3.0 Questions

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    1) Is there a schematic for Application Board 3.0?

    2) Is there a recommended battery holder/battery for the board?

    3) Do the holes in board at battery socket correspond to the polarity imprinted on the board near the holes?

    4) Are the Interrupt pins from the IMU made available anywhere externally on the Application Board 3.0?

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    I'm reading the App Bd 3.0 User Guide and the Shuttle Board Data Sheet. They show that Int1/2 are pins P1 6/7 on the App Board. My question is whether or not there is any access on the board side to those interupt pins P1 6/7?

    For example, On App Board 2.0, all the shuttle pins had a "shadow" berg pin on the board that connected to the pins of the IMU Shuttle Board which would allow a user to connect an Interupt signal to the IMU. Is there any such connection facility on App Bd 3?

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Swingpro,

    You can now find the schematics for the board here. There are no shadow pins available on the Application Board 3.0 itself to use with a logic analzer or oscilloscope. We are working on an adapter board that basically goes in between the Shuttle Board 3.0 and the Application Board 3.0. The availability of this board is uncertain at the moment.  In the meantime, you should be able to achieve  the similar effect with the use of Clamp wire hook test clips. Hook the test clips onto the Shuttle Board 3.0 before inserting it into the the Application Board 3.0's socket.