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    Application Board 3.0 and BST-Datalogger app not pairing

    Application Board 3.0 and BST-Datalogger app not pairing

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    I want to test the BMA400 sensor using the BST Datalogger app that comes with COINES 2.6. I loaded the datalogger firmware to my App 3.0 board and installed the BST Datalogger APK to my droid phone. When I get to Add Device, it just scans and none show up. If I load the new bootloader onto the app 3.0 board, I do see the app 3.0 board show up in the bluetooth scan, but I cannot get a device to show up when scanning with the Datalogger firmware loaded. The app board also just shows a solid red LED. The App note says it should be flashing to indicate it is waiting to be paired. 

    Is there a compatibility issue with the datalogger firmware and the app board 3.0? 

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    We dould like to know some information from you.
    1.Where did you get Application Board 3.0?

    2.Could you take a clear picture for your Application Board 3.0? Top view and bottom view.

    3. Did you update firmware under "C:\COINES\v2.6.0\datalogger\Binary" folder?

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to assist!

    1. I purchased 2 sets from Digikey. The App 3.0 boards and BMA400 shuttles. 

    2. Pictures of one set of boards are provided.

    3. Yes, I used the datalogger binary. I even tried to update the bootloader from ...COINES\v2.6.0\firmware\app3.0\bootloader_update\.

    Whenever I flash datalogger.bin to it, the red LED stays solid and no BLE advertisements show up. The only time I get a BLE advertisement is in bootloader mode. So I know the BLE radio works. Both App 3.0 boards I have do the same thing. I can also flash Dev. Desktop firmware to it and it works with that app on the PC. 


    App 3.0 Bot.jpgApp 3.0 Top.jpgApp 3.0 Top NoShuttle.jpg

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    Community Moderator


    Thanks for your feedback.

    After check, datalogger firmware under v2.6.0 folder haven't support your hardware version. There will update v2.7 datalogger firmware which support your hardware. Because it needs to be officially released, this is still in progress.