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    Arduino Nicla Sense ME (BHI260AP BSX-Full software library)

    Arduino Nicla Sense ME (BHI260AP BSX-Full software library)

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    Dear Sensortec,

    We are using Arduino Nicla Sense ME with the BHI260AP AI smart sensor being integrated.

    "BSX full version contains several valuable features such as advanced fast calibration, virtual sensors .... and supports multiple data rates up to 2000 Hz". reading from your website.

    Can you give us more details on the BSX full version regarding the "calibration" part. Can it it include calibration for deterministic errors such as static bias and standard deviation, obtained from static measurements?

    What are the steps for getting the BSX full license.  Thank you in advance.




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    I have the same question. From what I read, it seemed to imply that the full version software was loaded in firmware of the board already and I was able to access the linear acceleration virtual sensor using the corresponding sensor id I found in some BSX fusion documentation, but the readings I get from that virtual sensor do not seem to be properly calibrated. I have not attempted to calibrate the sensor yet because I was hoping I could get some confirmation if it was even using the full fusion software or not.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Sazdo,

    Thanks for your inquiry.
    Do you want to use Nicla Sense Me board directly in your product, or do you want to design project with BHI260AP sensor?
    If you are using BHI260AP, there is no need for an additional BSX full license, as BHI260AP has already integrated BSX full into the firmware and supports calibration.
    The publicly available information of BHI260AP does not mention specific calibration information, as calibration has already been processed in BSX full and does not require user software to participate in calibration.

    Thank you BSTRobin. The idea is to proceed with BHI260AP. Nicla Sense Me is used for development only.

    "BHI260AP has already integrated BSX full into the firmware", that is good information.

    If I understand right users cannot participate in the calibration? Bias calibration in particular? Having access to the calibraton for the BHI260AP may bring more accurate attitude estimations. 




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    Community Moderator

    Hi Sazdo,

    Thank for your feedback.
    As you use BHI260AP sensor in your product, you can directly use BHI260AP software(, then you will get calibrated output from BHI260AP software.
    I also uploaded BHI260AP software example code on STM32 for your reference.