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    Arduino Uno and Arduino 9 Axis Motion shield (BNO055)

    Arduino Uno and Arduino 9 Axis Motion shield (BNO055)


    Hi all,

    I am using Arduino Uno Board and connected Arduino 9 Axis Motion shield. Sketches with code examples for the motion shield (acceleration, Bare Minimum, Euler, Motion) are compilable and can be uploaded on the board Arduino Uno, that works. But the Motion shield doesnot answer. The sketch loops are working but everytime no answer (example code "Motion") or values everytime = 0 (example code "Acceleration"). I found in some description on internet, that I have to solder bridges (interrupt and reset bridges).

    When using the Arduino 9 Axes Motion Shield, be sure to solder the Interrupt bridge and Reset bridge in the correct position depending on the board used. See table:

    Arduino UnoD2D4


    But have I solder that on the board (UNO) or on the shield (Motion shield) and how to do that? I only found on the Shield two places (see attached photos):

    One is denoted by INT and you can choose between 2 and 4, the other one is denoted by RST and you can choose between 3 and 7.


    So I need help how to get the Motion shield working in connection with the board Arduino UNO.

    In my opinion there are two possibilities: Maybe the Motion Shield is damaged or I have to prepare something to get the shield running.

    In advance for some help, thanks very much for your support,

    best regards,


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi MichaelA,

    Sorry, I haven't UNO & Shield board, your question a little complex so I need further information.

    But firstly, please check the hardware connection(UNO and shield) are right. I got two resource, one is shield board schematic, another is shiled board's library code.

    If you doubt the shield board is damaged, you could using I2C to get BNO055's chipid(address: 0x00, defaut val: 0xA0). Read chipid didn't using interrupt pin.

    Best regards