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    Avoid Gas measurement with BME680

    Avoid Gas measurement with BME680


    Hi everybody, I have to program a BME680 with a µc in different configurations. In on of them I would like to skip the gas measurement and do only measurements for pressure, temperature and humidity. Is there a way to do that? Should I just let all the gas registers to 0?


    Thanks for your reply,


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    Hi Sebastien

    I just had to do the same. in forced mode, if you set the heater duration and temperature to (0, 0), and if you set the conf.enable bit to BME68X_DISABLE (which is UINT8_C(0x00)) then you don't measure the gas anymore. I then also commented out some of the waiting times in bme68x.c -> bme68x_get_meas_dur() and managed to achieve sampling rates for pressure, humidity, temperature of 100Hz. see how it looks for me:


    I have not fully characterized the stability of the sensor with those settings, but looks alright for now.



    Hi Nick, thank you for your answer! It is supposed to be easy for me because all the registers are set to zero after a reset, so I will just let them like this and it will probably be good ^^



    Hi Sébastien

    I am curious to hear if you can read out anything at all with all registers set to zero 😁 but yes I am sure you will manage! Let me know if there is anything else I can help regarding this.


    Hi Nick,

     I meant all registers related to gas measurement to zero, of course I will set the other registers 😅