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    BHI160 IMU Accelerometer INT pin not getting high after initialization

    BHI160 IMU Accelerometer INT pin not getting high after initialization



    I am trying to get data from BHI160 (has label 020QP), but after successful initilization the INT pin not giving  low-high pulse it stuck with low value.

    The  same code is working fine with BHI160-Shuttle-board(019QP).

    Thank you.




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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi yogansh,

    The part numbers you sent earlier confirms that you are using the BHI160-B(di03) sample. It is hence strange to see that it initializes successfully with the BHI160 firmware based on the di01 edition.

    How are you controlling the BHI160? Do you have some driver that initializes and controls the sensor? Can you link it here?



     Hi kgoveas, 

    The code is working fine with BHI160 shuttle board with stm32 for that, I have converted this GitHub library. but the same code with the same chip it is not working in PCB (schematics already sent). I have checked connections in the PCB everything looks fine. so I again tried to code with different firmware this time it fails to initialize but INT is getting low and High, which in case of previous firmware initialized properly but not getting High after low.



    @yogansh wrote:

    With BHI160 Bosch_PCB_7183_di01_BMI160-7183_di01.2.1.10836_170103.fw  :-

    1) Successfully  initialized

    2) The interrupt is NOT getting High after it gets Low

    3) no data again.


    10836 is the correct firmware to use with BHI160.

    11696 is the correct firmware to use with BHI160B.

    The boot process goes like this:

    1. Power-on
    2. INT goes high (ready to receive firmware)
    3. FW download
    4. reset (INT goes low)
    5. Initialization
    6. INT goes high (some bytes in FIFO with initial meta event)
    7. Normal behavior. INT is high when bytes are in the FIFO, and goes low when the FIFO is emptied.


    Note that the sensor does not sample data on its own, therefore is no virtual sensor is enabled, you will only get one interrupt, with the initialization status. When you mentionned:

    @yogansh wrote:

    1) Successfully  initialized

    It means that you received the first interrupt ? In this case simply enable some virtual sensors.