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    BHI260 + BMM150 magnetometer measurement confuse

    BHI260 + BMM150 magnetometer measurement confuse

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    I am using BHI260 + BMM150 combination for get IMU data and using firmware Bosch_SHUTTLE_BHI260_BMM150.fw.h for this. Accelerometer and gyroscope data are fine. But I cann't find good coeficient for getting magnetometer data in uT. I am using Sensor Id = 19 (Magnetometer passthrough).Through experements with numbers I determinated that if i multiply all data from magnetometer to 0.0625 (=1/16) than I get values look like true. That is right? Should I multiply all data from magnetometer to 0.0625 for getting data in uT?

    And the second moment. BHI260 has few different Sensor Id's: 19 - Magnetometer passthrough, 21 - Magnetometer uncalibrated, 22 - Magnetometer corrected. I tried all of them but the data stay the same. What the really difference between this Sensor Id's?

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello BadLagger,

    Could we know your HW schematic and which driver code you used?

    Hello, BSTRobin

    I am using:


    - Bosch Sensortec’s BHI260AB shuttle board from one side;

    - custom board based on SoC TI OMAP DM3730 from other side;

    - connection type between boards is I2C;


    - on OMAP 3 I am using custom Linux with driver based on (API was fully integrated in driver without changes)

    - firmware that we are loading on Bosch Sensortec’s BHI260AB shuttle board:

    Application logic:

    Application (from userspace) opens device file, reads and parse data. After that all MEMS data performs as following:

    - Accelerometer x,y,z divide by 8192 for getting data in G (in driver set range 4);

    - Gyroscope x,y,z divide by 65.6 for getting data in degrees(in driver set range 500);

    - Magnitometer: x,y,z divide (or multiply) by ???? (<-that's all I want to know!!!) for getting data in uT (the range for magnetometer fixed and does not set in driver);

    I am suggesting that I should divide magnetometer x,y,z by 16 (or multiply by 0.0625) for getting data in uT. That is correct suggesting?

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    Community Moderator

    Hello BadLagger,


    BHI260AB shuttle board used BMM150 magnitometer sensor, you could see BMM150 magnitometer sensor range from data sheet.

    BMM150 range.png


    When you used BHY2-Sensor-API, could we know your SW code to check it?