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    BHI260 SDK and necessary components

    BHI260 SDK and necessary components

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    I installed successfully the arc_gnu_2021.03_ide and the next configuration step should be the BHI-260 SDK installation. Therefore I need the BHI260_SDK_Installer.exe file. Where can I find this file?

    In the Evaluation Setup Guide document states that there is 3 necessary components to use BHI260AB:

    ·        Bosch Sensortec Application Board 2.0

    ·        Level Shifter Board

    ·        BHI260AB shuttle Board

    In this case, I would like to build communication between BHI260AB shuttle Board and my PC. The ARC GNU IDE supports the development of managed C/C++ applications for ARC processors using the ARC GNU toolchain for bare metal applications. The ARC processor is on the shuttle board, thus in my understanding, I'm able to communicate with this directly with PC, if I provide the correct signal level(1.8V). So I don’t need to use the application board and the level shifter board. There are connectors on the shuttle board to JTAG and I2C interface so in my opinion it is possible to program the IC directly. Is my interpretation correct?

    Question: Can I use Development desktop 2.0 program without the application board, if I would like to use ONLY the BHI260 sensor?


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    Community Moderator

    Hello Marci98,

    1.You could download BHI260AB SDK from, unzip package and you could find BHI260_SDK_Installer.exe file;
    2.You could download BHI260AB documents and follow the guide.
    3. Depending on your intention, if you want to use only the existing firmware features, you can use the following drivers, and host MCU communicates directly with bhi260ab.

    Hi BSTRobin!

    Thank you for your help! 
    Can I find the Development Desktop app somewhere?  And can I use this app without level shifter and shuttle board?