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    BHI260AB API Documentation (or Virtual sensor explanation)

    BHI260AB API Documentation (or Virtual sensor explanation)



    I´ll need to migrate to sensor BHI260AB because BMA423 is not recommended for new designs. From the documentation available for BHI206AB I can’t find a detailed explanation of the operation of the default virtual sensors described in table 79 of the Datasheet (v1.7) or in the Github’s BHY2-Sensor-API. For my case in particular, the following information of the Step counter, Step Detector and Activity is necessary to continue development:

    1. A detailed explanation of the operation of the virtual sensor (what it does, which physical sensors are used, parameters, interrupts, etc.)
    2. How the parameters configure the sensor operation.


    Note: In the case of the BMA423 the different features are comprehensible described in the Datasheet.

    In advance, thanks for any advice where I can find the mentioned information.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello jdsan,

    Github code:
    bhy2cli.c and parse.c demonstrate step counter and activity example, refer the callback parse_scalar_event() and parse_activity().

    BHI260AB table 79.png

    BHI260AB table 73.png

    Thanks @RTSRobin for your answer. With the code you mention is clear how to use the virtual sensors. What I'm looking is a high level description of the logic of the sensors. For instance, on the BMA423 was the following explanation about the step counter:



    + more pages. 

    Does the BHI260AB has similar documentation explaining the different virtual sensors?

    Thanks you for any guidance.



    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello jdsan,

    As you can see, the access way of BHI260AB is different from that of BMA423.
    If you want to use a product similar to BMA423, you can choose BMA456, which is very close to BMA423.

    Thanks @BSTRobin for your response. Unfortunately, the hardware will be populated with BHI260AB as gyro is necessary. Seems that there is not detailed explanation of each virtual sensor besides what is placed in the API source code.