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    BHI260AB - Boot from RAM Error using bhy2 API

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    BHI260AB - Boot from RAM Error using bhy2 API

    Hello Bosch team,

    I'm using a BHI260AB hosted by an STM32 micro communicating over SPI. I want to upload the BHI firmware and boot from RAM.

    For accomplishing that, I've used the API offered in:

    I based my implementation on the example:

    But unfortunately, after successfully transferring the firmware over SPI, the boot from RAM process fails. More specifically, the API function bhy2_hif_check_boot_status_ram() times out.


    Checking the register 0x25 (Boot Status register), the value is 0b01111000. Where the bit6 is Firmware Verify Error. So the firmware verification is throwing an error.

    Here's a link from where you can download my code:

    For the BHI firmware, I used the one that is located at:

    My implementation is in the file called bhi260ab.c

    Could you please help me to understand what could be the issue?

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    Re: BHI260AB - Boot from RAM Error using bhy2 API

    Hi btruden_henway,

    For "Here's a link from where you can download my code:
    For the BHI firmware, I used the one that is located at:", we couldn't access your two hyperlinks.

    Could we know your hardware schematic? BHI260AB shuttle board or hardware designed by yourself?

    And which firmware you used?

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    Re: BHI260AB - Boot from RAM Error using bhy2 API

    Hello BSTRobin,

    Please see if you can access the code now from the following link. This link corresponds to the file bhi260ab.c which I created and is the file that uses the bhy2 API.

    Below is the schematic of our board. I'm not using the Shuttle board, it's a custom board.



    This is the firmware that I used:

    I downloaded it from the following link:


    Something important to mention is that I have this board already working with another API, an API that was developed by me. So the hardware is working correctly. With that custom API, I'm able to upload the firmware to the BHI and enable any virtual sensor that I want. But the reason why now I'm trying to use the Bosch API is because with my custom API I'm not able to catch the Meta Events that indicate when the sensor accuracy changes.


    So now, I'd like to use the Bosch API and see if I'm able to catch the Sensor Status meta events.