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    BHI260AB and AP Firmware compatibility

    BHI260AB and AP Firmware compatibility

    New Poster

    Hello bosch sensortec team,

    there is currently a question rising up about your sensor BHI260AB / BHI260AP in our company.

    We are using the BHI260AB sensor in our system with the Firmware Version FW 1.3.0 provided here:
    In detail we have been using the FW Bosch_SHUTTLE_BHI260_turbo.fw with the current desing and things have been working fine.

    Since we got the PCN about the AB variant to be followed up by the AP varaint we are testing the Firmware versions to be compatible.

    It points out, that FW 1.3 is only working for the type AB and it is not working for the latest AP variant. Vice versa FW 1.4.1 - 1.6 are only working on AP sensor and not on AB sensor.

    I get the following error for FW 1.3 (Bosch_SHUTTLE_BHI260.fw and Bosch_SHUTTLE_BHI260_turbo.fw) when tried to upload to AP sensor, if i read back the Error Code (0x2E) register of the sensor:
    0x14 - *Firmware Upload Failed: ECDSA Signature Verification Failed.
    For FW 1.4.1 (BHI260AP.fw) upwards it works fine and we recieve the requested data from the sensor / see the physical and virtual sensors.

    FW 1.4.1, 1.5 and 1.6 are not working on the sensor variant AB.
    I get the following error for all 3 FW versions, if i read back the Error Code (0x2E) register of the sensor:
    0x14 - *Firmware Upload Failed: ECDSA Signature Verification Failed.

    Since i cant find the information about the compatibility id like to request the compatible fw versions for the sensor variant AB and AP.
    Most important: is there a FW supporting both?

    Besides this it would be a great information how we can read out the Version AB and AP from the sensors i2c interface.
    Since we will need to load the proper firmware so support the older and the newer sensor version.

    This topic has currently a very high priority for the project.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi MRSt, 


    Thanks for your question. 

    Unfortunately, AB firmware and AP firmware are not compatible with each other. 

    If you use BHI260AP, you need BHI260AP firmware. 

    Or, you will recieve version error. You can check latest BHI260AP as below.

    Thank you.