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    BHI260AP Shuttle Board 3.0 and Application Board 3.0 with Eclipse IDE

    BHI260AP Shuttle Board 3.0 and Application Board 3.0 with Eclipse IDE

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    I am currently working with the BHI260AP Shuttle Board 3.0 and Application Board 3.0. Thanks to the different manuals available online I was able visualize the data provided by the sensors through the desktop application but unfortunately I can't test the examples available on Github with Eclipse .

    My question is where can I find the necessary documentation to do this topic? Has anyone managed to test these examples with another IDE? If yes, how did they do it?

    My main goal is to explore the AI side of the sensor but I can't find enough documentation about it and also no example where this attribute is highlighted.


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Marilyn,

    Do you mean you want to test this example code on github?
    For BHI260AP Shuttle Board 3.0 and Application Board 3.0, the example code run under COINES environment. You could install COINES software:
    Refer the guide file under "C:\COINES\v2.6.0\doc" folder to test the example code.

    Hello Robyn,

    thanks for your reply, l did also tried to test examples from COINES but l was only able to test the bhy2cli example. The euler example didn't worked. The following image shows the console output after debugging the euler project.console output after debuggingconsole output after debugging

    I think that the firmware available in COINES is not compatible with the BHI260AP.                                                                                                                                   "[Sensor error] Bootloader reports: Firmware Upload Failed: ECDSA Signature Verification Failed"the

    I tried to upload the same firmware from COINES with the Desktop App but it also didn't worked as you can see in the following picture.

    Is there any solution to this problem?

    As i said in my last post my main goal is to use the self learning mode with the sensor. Are there any examples or documentation to achieve this goal? Where can i find these informations?

    Kind regards


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Marilyn,

    From error information, you didn't run the example code with correct BHI260AP firmware.
    //#include "bhi260/Bosch_SHUTTLE_BHI260_BMM150.fw.h"
    #include "bhi260ap/Bosch_APP30_SHUTTLE_BHI260_aux_BMM150.fw.h"

    The result:

    BHI260AP euler.png

    Apparently the current version of bosch sensortec api is not working for updating firmware of bhi260ap, use this older verison instead. It worked for me 😄