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    BHI260AP firmware to get the heading, role, and pitch angles

    BHI260AP firmware to get the heading, role, and pitch angles



    Our team is new to BHI260AP IMU sensors and have some questions. Currently we are using BHI260AP with shuttle board 3.0  and the application board 3.0. We started some testing and we were able to get heading, roll, pitch angles using the firmware "Bosch_APP30_SHUTTLE_BHI260_aux_BMM150.fw" and the "Orientation" from the dropdown menu. This firmware seems to use the external magnetometer. However, we are interested to know if we could get the same angles without relying on the magnetometer. When we used "Bosch_APP30_SHUTTLE_BHI260.fw", assuming that it doesnt include the magnetometer data, we were not able to get those angles (there is no Orientation function). We were able to get some quaternions (using GameRotation) but not the angles. Though, we can use our own code to convert quaternions to euler angles, I am interested to know if there are any firmwares that we can download and use to get angles without the magnetometer (BMM150)? 

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi masoodnevisi,

    When you used EULER_SENSOR_ID in euler example code, internal 9doF algorithm will be enabled by default.

    Do you mean you will not use BMM150 in your hardware?


    thank you for your quick response. So I only used the development desktop 2.0. I did not use the EULER_SENSOR_ID in euler example code. Should I try that instead?

    Yes, so my querstion is if we dont use BMM150 magnetometer in our hardware (let's say we use BHI260AP and design our own PCB without a magnetometer) in that case would we get the same accurate euler angles or do we rely on BMM150 to get accurate euler angles. If without the BMM150 we can still get accurate euler angles, what firmware we should use because I did not have success getting euler angles when using the fw file that didnt have BMM150.


    Hi masoodnevisi,

    EULER_SENSOR_ID this github example, the definition is the same as orientation.

    Orientation will enable 9doF algorithm with magnetometer to output euler angles.
    If you don't use BMM150 magnetometer in our hardware, you could get quaternions output data, and convert it to euler angles.

    The current firmware does not support using orientation without a magnetometer sensor.