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    BHI260AP shuttle board 3 beginners setup to work with host mcu

    BHI260AP shuttle board 3 beginners setup to work with host mcu



    I am new in bosch sensor technology, started working on BHI260AP shuttle board 3.0 I have been gone thorugh bosch  site for getting startd guide but not able to find it. 

    As beginner having few quetion  likes, 

    1) BHI260AP is smart mcu, so how we can update pre-build binary? I have found  binary  Bosch_PDR_APP_BOARD_30_BHI260.fw  but dont't know how would i update in BHI260AP so required documentation for binaries what actuly it going to perform and also is there any hardware dependency to upload binary?

    2) Is their any specific tools/programmer required to update the firmware in BHI260AP? i am not able to find details about which programmer is being used to update the firmware directly to BHI260AP.

    3) how to interact with BHI260AP to collect information using host mcu with respecte to firmware available in BHI260AP? 

    I would like to work with pre-build binary to explore the application use case with exteranl host MCU like Arduino/STM32. 

    Any help would be much appreciated. 

    Thanks ,
    Ashvin Makwana

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi AN22,

    As you can see on Github(, BHI260AP has different types of firmware. These firmware correspond to different hardware resources, such as BHI260AP_ Aux_ The BMM150 firmware is used to connect BHI260AP to the hardware resources of BMM150 through the AUX interface. The firmware BHI260AP is used in hardware resources with only BHI260AP. What I mean is that firmware needs to be matched with hardware resources and algorithm functions.

    There is an example code for BHI260AP on Github(, which you can refer to and port to your host platform.

    By the way, what is your hardware like? What algorithms do you need to use for BHI260AP?

    Hi, @BSTRobin 

    Greeting of the day!!

    Thank you for your reply. 

    I have bosch shuttle board 3.0 flayer that have number of bosch sensor attached with BHI260AP.  I would like to work with pre-build binary to explore the application use case with exteranl host MCU like Arduino/STM32 with shuttle board 3.0 flayer.

    Yes, i got github link where number of fimrware are available but I don't know how would i update the firmware in BHI260AP. 

    is there any dedicated programmer required to update the firmware? 

    for pre-build firmware available in git , have any document available to check which type of sensor have been used by BHI260AP and which type of data is getting as output from BHI260AP.  from sample example not ablte to get this type of information.

    is there any example ported for different hardware to extract the data from BHI260AP?




    Hi, @BSTRobin

    Greeting of the day!! 

    Thanks for your supprt with your help  I am able to connect with BHI260AP shuttle board and updating the application firmware inside it over I2C communication. Also, able test some example code. 

    we are working on project of indoor positoning system with floor measurement for human tracking. 

    we want to integrate PDR application with external GNSS for the indoor location. Looking from datasheet it is poosible to get this work but no information found on this how to do this? 

    is it posssible to get floor location using this sensor? 

    if you could help us , how should we achieve this it would be helpfull. we try to connect with FAE but not getting response from them. 

    Ashvin Makwana


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi AN22,

    Good news as you are able to connect with BHI260AP shuttle board and updating the application firmware inside it over I2C communication. I also upload BHI260AP example code on STM32 for your reference.
    PDR has been discontinued and will not be available.
    As you used BHI260AP shuttle board 3.0(, there is pressure sensor BMP390L on the board. Based on pressure sensor data, it can be used for floor height detection. If you use acce, gyro, pressure sensor in your application, you can use BHI260AP firmware BHI260AP_BMP390.fw.h.