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    BHI360 hub module with BMM350 and BME280

    BHI360 hub module with BMM350 and BME280

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    I am working on bhi360 shuttle module with imx8mm,
    we are able to test the accelerometer with bhi360 shuttle module.

    we are currently using firmware file named as BHI360_BMM350C.fw.h from below link:

    BHY2-Sensor-API/firmware/bhi360 at master · boschsensortec/BHY2-Sensor-API · GitHub

    now when we test magnetometer which is BMM350 we get the data which is connected on AUX I2C with shuttle board itself,
    but, how to confirm data I am getting is from BMM350 or BMM150 connected on shuttle board?

    Also same as BMM350 we want to interface BME280 on AUX I2C for that we require updated firmware file.
    So where I can find firmware file which includes BHI360, BMM350 and BME280 sensors firmware array.

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    Hi BSTRobin,
    thank you very much for quick response.

    yes correct I got your point about the shuttle board it is correct but let me explain my problem statement.

    We are working on custom board not directly on shuttle board, which has BHI360 connected on I2C.
    and on BHI360 hub module we are interfacing two sensors 
    1. BMM350 (connected on AUX I2C)
    2. BME280 (connected on AUX I2C)
    So, now as I already mentioned it is a custom board.
    Please confirm below two queries
    Is it valid to connect BME280 on AUX I2C with BHI360 hub? 
    If yes then what is procedure to get the firmware file which supports above combination of BHI360_BMM350_BME280?

    It would be helpful if you clear the above doubts.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi amol4394,

    If you refer to the hardware design in the official BHI360 shuttle board schematic, this will result in minimal firmware modifications. Otherwise, this will be a special firmware.

    We have not tested connecting BMM350 and BME280 simultaneously on the BHI360 AUX interface. As shown on the official reference board, BME688 is connected to the M3 interface and BMM350 is connected to the AUX interface.

    We suggest that you modify the hardware to keep the same connection method with the official hardware.

    For your customized hardware, if you cannot modify the hardware and would like to apply for firmware to support your hardware, you can contact official distributors or sales representatives to evaluate your project and decide whether to support customized firmware development based on the project evaluation results.

    Hi BSTRbin,
    Thank you for quick response, let me dicuss the solutions provided by you with team and get back to you.

    Thank you again!

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Welcome, amol4394.