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    BMA400 Accel 5 Click with ESP32 - Auto wakeup & lowpower

    BMA400 Accel 5 Click with ESP32 - Auto wakeup & lowpower

    New Poster

    Goal: Automatic normal power with activity, automatic low power with inactivity

    Configuration followed: GEN1 > INT2, Wakeup > INT1, Manual updates for both, threshold 8, not latched, filter 2, inactivity setup for GEN1, samples 3.

    ESP32 physical pin connections: 

    • SDA: 33, SCL: 32
    • 3V3, GND
    • INT = 25

    Accel 5 Click physical pin connections:

    • 3V3, GND
    • INT1/2
    • SDA, SCL

    Although GEN1 is programmed to INT2, it seems like the interrupt pin is actually connected to INT1.

    MAJOR ERROR: INT status seems to only change when the pin is PHYSICALLY DISCONNECTED from the ESP32. That is the ONLY TIME the pin 'recognises' that there is an interrupt. 

    My basic code is based from Seeed: The code I used is attached (Accelclick5 is actually Accelclick5.ino, as I porgrammed this in Arduino but cannot upload the file like that).

    I have tried to follow the suggested activity change code: - but to my knowledge, you shouldn't need activity change interrupts (like it does in this code). 

    I have also tried implementing the basic code (datasheet example). I cannot find the original post - I apologize for not showing properly. This HAS THE SAME ERROR - interrupt only being recognised WHEN THE WIRE IS REMOVED (so there is no connection between the ESP32 and the Accel Click 5).

    Is it a physical issue? Do I need to connect another pin? 

    Thanks for the help! I really need it!




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    New Poster

    Here is the schematic of the Accel_5_click for those wondering about physical pin connection like I am:

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello kbeggs2021,

    Please refer the following application note, and re-config your code again.