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    BMA400 Shuttle Board 3.0 w/ Application Board 3.0 w/ Development Desktop 2.0

    BMA400 Shuttle Board 3.0 w/ Application Board 3.0 w/ Development Desktop 2.0

    New Poster

    Are there any startup guides for this exact combination? The existing BMA400 guide is for application board 2.0. Is there a newer guide somewhere?

    I am able to connect via USB and start streaming of BMA400 data, however, it seems some config settings relating to interrupt config and auto low-power / wake-up features (are not working quite right or the UI has invalid interactions with hardware, I'm not sure).

    Before I start regurgitating obtuse details of failures, I am wondering if there are some required firmware or other updates for this hardware combination to work without glitch.

    My purpose is just to rapidly confirm configuration settings and behavior as we are using the BMA400 on a custom product board and need to confirm behaviors (to decouple any BMA400 issues from our custom main board).

    Also, the Development Desktop 2.0 software does not actually save sensor settings (no file is actually saved to hard drive), so I have to manually set stuff every start. Is this a known problem & is there a fix? I am running on Win10 and even ran as administrator to make sure no file access issues.

    If there are any 1..2..3.. basics of this Bosch ecosystem I'm all ears, this is my first time messing with these dev boards / tools from them so would like to move past any startup-gotchas ASAP.


    John @ Orthocare

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    New Poster

    OK, updating the Application Board 3.0 firmware using the firmware file provided with the Development Desktop 2.0 installation fixed the discrepencies I was seeing (e.g. double tap interrupt mapped to INT2 didn't show correctly in DD2 UI even though I knew the config setting was correct and was working on our custom board). So now I can pursue more advanced config stuff, yay!

    REMAINING ISSUE: For some reason, the DD2 still won't let me save save sensor settings to .txt file. I mean, the UI goes through the motions and the save "completes" but no .txt file is actually created in destination folder. Also searched hard drive to see if it saved in some obtuse location but no dice. Nice to have at this point, not a critical blocker.

    Hi Orthocare_JM,

    Application board 3.0 with shuttle board 3.0, install latest DD2.0 to support them.
    BMA400 Shuttle board 3.0:
    Application board 3.0:
    Development Desktop 2.0:

    Introduction in
    "The application board 3.0 is a versatile and sensor independent development platform, enabling a fast and easy experience with Bosch Sensortec’s sensors. As shuttle boards 3.0, a wide variety of Bosch Sensortec’s sensors can be plugged into the application board’s shuttle board socket. The combination of the application board 3.0 and shuttle board 3.0 can be used to evaluate the sensors and build prototypes to test use cases. "

    Development Desktop 2.0 software haven't support saving sensor settings .