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    BMA400 Shuttle Board Issues

    BMA400 Shuttle Board Issues

    New Poster

    I received a few BMA400 shuttle boards, but have been struggling to get it to work.

    I've plugged in VDD, VDDIO, GND, and all the SPI connections appropriately to an external MCU.

    Is this shuttle board meant to work without the Bosch Sensortec Development board?

    It looks like it should function without it. 


    To check if it's working, I'm just sending a clock signal while chip select is held low repeatedly. I'm expecting to eventually get the CHIP ID back but the MISO line is just sitting low. Are the BMA400s on these shuttle boards programmed?

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    BMA400 shuttle board is only contain the sensor and related capacity. 

    So if you connect the VDD / VDDIO / GND and SPI bus, it should work directly with your host MCU.

    One hint:  BMA400 starts as I2C interface,  you need submit one dummy SPI read to switch the bus to SPI mode first.

    After that,  you should able to communicate via SPI bus.

    Please pay attention to the SPI mode from the MCU side.

    Yes, I am doing that.


    I have CS going LOW, and then 16 clock pulses, followed by CS going HIGH. (Dummy Transaction).

    I then do this again, but MISO stays LOW during the entire SPI transaction.

    I keep doing this in a loop, but the MISO line stays LOW.

    I have verified that power is getting to the board by probing C11 and C12 on the shuttle board, but the sensor still does not respond.