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    BMA456 Uable to get any of the any/no motion or tap interrupts to give a response.

    BMA456 Uable to get any of the any/no motion or tap interrupts to give a response.


    I have to assume I am doing something wrong, but I have been working with the Bosch sensor applications application (AN, H, MM,W) in the context Arduino ESP32. I have no issues in configuring and  reading raw data data but I am unable to get any response other than  zero from any of bma456xxx_read_int_status() functions. There do appear to be various topics that seem to relate to this but nothing has lead anywhere th will help?

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    I think I have resolved my problems, which were have been two fold. Firstly in trying to debug  my issue I  had  made a change in the low level driver (bma4.c)

    Which i had forgotten  to remove which  revented  initialisation. This change resolved the issue i had with BMA456_an application, I then switched over to  the BMA456MM application to repeat the same test.  When I did this I found I was not getting any iterrupts through again. It was friday so have left it over the weekend powered up this morning to discover the interrupt were being generated.

    So the moral of this story is to power cycle after software update and not just reset the board.

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    Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that you are able to get BMA456MM interrupts.