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    BMA456 fifo_err flag not working

    BMA456 fifo_err flag not working



    I'm using a BMA456 and i'm having trouble with the fifo_err flag in the ERR_REG ( 0x02 ) register.

    The device is configured as follows:

    •  Accelerometer
      • Nominal sampling frequency is 1600 Hz
      • Range is +/- 2G
      • Mode is set to high-performance
    • FIFO 
      • Overwrite when full
      • Unfiltered data with no downsampling
      • Headerless mode

    I'm performing a test where i let the FIFO overflow but the flag is never set. The FIFO seems to be working fine and filling.

    Am i missing some configurations?

    I'm using a custom driver for space constraints but i based the logic on your example fifo_full_headerless_mode.

    I suspect that the problem may be that i'm not initializing the ASIC but i'm following your example which doesn't initialize it either.

    Thanks for the support.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Yes, that is the example i used to base my custom library. The example uses the fifo full interrupt while i would like to use the fifo_err flag to detect a fifo overflow.

    No help? Does anyone know if in order to read the fifo_err flag i have to initialize the ASIC? Is it possible to have a list of function supported by the BMA456 with and witouth the ASIC?


    Again.. sorry to bother.

    Is it possible to have a list of function supported by the BMA456 with and witouth the ASIC?

    I can't find this information in the datasheet.

    Also, why some example initialize the ASIC while others don't?

    I really would like an answer.