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    BME 680 BSEC for ESP32-C3

    BME 680 BSEC for ESP32-C3

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    Hi there, just wanted to know if there is any chance to get the BSEC library on ESP32-C3 partform?

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Joris,

    Thank you for your feedback. I will give your feedback to the internal team to discuss whether to integrate ESP32-C3 in future BSEC versions.

    Hey Robin, 

    I just came in to say, it does not shed very good light on Bosch, to publish a library on a very useful component, an then be lush on maintaining it. The github repo has a bunch of pull requests from very respected people in the community trying to help a large corporation maintain their product. They are left ignored and untouched for years. 

    if you want to engage with the community by providing libraries and gain value for your brand at the same time, please spend minimum effort maintaining those repositories. 

    I am currently trying to implement your bsec library via platformio and use it on an ESP32-C3, and so far instead of just installing the library and follow an example, I've spent 2 hours of research and nothing is working yet, but i have a solid understanding that you do not care much about maintaining your repositories. 

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    Community Moderator

    Hi 0xde4dbeef,

    We do not disclose the implementation of BSEC algorithm, but publish it in the form of a library. Different platforms and compilers decide that libraries can only be compiled separately to meet user's requirement.

    Hey Robin, 

    Sorry, I must have been unclear. I was NOT referring to you not disclosing the implementation of BSEC algorithm in any way. I was referring to you not maintaining the Library you have published. The ESP32-C3 has been released more than a year ago, the frameworks your library has been designed for went through major updates, your library repository has 3 pull requests from well respected public maintainers and which have been ignored and lead to your library being incompatible with a lot of common implementations (platformio for instance). 

    I welcome bosch publishing a library, I am only expressing my disappointment about bosch failing to maintain it.


    How much longer must we wait for Bosch to include the esp32-c3 version? I'm still messing around with the preview you posted here but it would be so much easier if it was included in the GitHub repo.