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    BME 680 Using without BSEC Library

    BME 680 Using without BSEC Library


    Hi. I am trying to use bme680 without BSEC library with stm32f103. I included bme api files. All things looks good but I found interesting moment that I cant understand.  For some days I recieved gas resistence from 5000 ohms to 15000 ohms. At this moment my part of source code was:


    // BME680 ---------------------------------------------------------------------//	
    I2C_Port_Init(100000); // инит I2C на скорость 100 кГц
    // BME680 Sensor Initialisation
    gas_sensor.dev_id = 0xEC;
    gas_sensor.intf =  BME680_I2C_INTF; =  bus_read;
    gas_sensor.write = bus_write;
    gas_sensor.delay_ms = delay_ms_tim;  
    gas_sensor.amb_temp = 25;	
    #ifdef debug			
    UART1_Transmit_string("\n bme680_init..."); 
    rslt = bme680_init(&gas_sensor);
    if (rslt != BME680_OK){
    			bme680_is_present = false;
          #ifdef debug	
          UART1_Transmit_string("\nBME680 not found"); 
           bme680_is_present = true;
    			 #ifdef debug
           sprintf(uart_buf,"\nBME680 Init OK -> Chip ID 0x%x", gas_sensor.chip_id);  
    			 // Set the temperature, pressure and humidity settings 
    			 gas_sensor.tph_sett.os_hum = BME680_OS_1X;
    			 gas_sensor.tph_sett.os_pres = BME680_OS_16X;
    			 gas_sensor.tph_sett.os_temp = BME680_OS_2X;
    			 //gas_sensor.tph_sett.filter = BME680_FILTER_SIZE_3;
    			 // Set the remaining gas sensor settings and link the heating profile 
    			 gas_sensor.gas_sett.run_gas = BME680_ENABLE_GAS_MEAS;
    			 //gas_sensor.gas_sett.heatr_dur = 1000;
    			 // Create a ramp heat waveform in 3 steps 
    			 gas_sensor.gas_sett.heatr_temp = 320; // degree Celsius 
    			 gas_sensor.gas_sett.heatr_dur = 150; // milliseconds 
    			 // Устанавливаем режим принудительного измерения 
    			 // Must be set before writing the sensor configuration 
    			 gas_sensor.power_mode = BME680_FORCED_MODE; 
    			 // Set the required sensor settings needed 
    			 set_required_settings = BME680_OST_SEL | BME680_OSP_SEL | BME680_OSH_SEL | BME680_FILTER_SEL | BME680_GAS_SENSOR_SEL;
    			 // Set the profile duration		
    			 //bme680_set_profile_dur(2000, &gas_sensor); // in ms
    			 // Get the profile duration of the sensor 		
    			 bme680_get_profile_dur(&meas_period, &gas_sensor);
    			 #ifdef debug
    			 sprintf(uart_buf,"\nBME680 profile duration: %i ms", meas_period);  
           // Set the desired sensor configuration 
           rslt = bme680_set_sensor_settings(set_required_settings, &gas_sensor);
               #ifdef debug
               //sprintf(uart_buf,"\nBME680 set settings -> %s", rslt ? "Error" : "Ok");  
           // Set the power mode 
           rslt = bme680_set_sensor_mode(&gas_sensor);
               #ifdef debug
               //sprintf(uart_buf,"\nBME680 set forced mode -> %s", rslt ? "Error" : "Ok");  
    delay_ms_tim(meas_period); // Delay till BME680 measurement is ready 
    rslt = bme680_get_sensor_data(&data, &gas_sensor);
    #ifdef debug
    sprintf(uart_buf,"\n\nT: %.2f degC, P: %.2f mmHg, H %.2f %%rH ", data.temperature, data.pressure / 100.0f * 75 / 100, data.humidity );

    With this code I had temperature readout less than real for 1C, humidity less than real for 15%. I am using 10 sec pause with standby mode after end of measurement. Then I decided to check for what purpose function bme680_set_profile_dur(2000, &gas_sensor).  After this changing now I have at start gas resistanse 35000 ohms and 1 hour later 25000 ohms. When I comment again bme680_set_profile_dur() function I still recieve gas resistance in 25000 - 35000 range and the same unreal T and H values. Can you tell me what is real range of resistance I must recieve in typical home room and why T and H values are wrong? How oversampling and filter settings affectc on measurements?

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    So in my situation it is better to use FRAM IC.