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    BME 688 Development Kit No Data Stored on SD

    BME 688 Development Kit No Data Stored on SD


    Hello together,


    I just got a new, preprogrammed BME 688 development kit.

    If I connect a USB power supply the yellow LED starts flashing. A moment later the red LED blinks 5 times, pauses a while then  blinks 5 times again pauses  and so forth. However even if I wait several minutes I don't find any data on the SD card except the default config file.


    Do I need to do any additionals steps e.g. press a button? I didn't connect the Android App so far.


    Thanks in advance,



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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Tom6g, 


    If BME688 dev kit is working properly, RED LED shall blink every 1s. 

    If not, please check as below. 

    1. Check there is battery inside BME688 dev kit. ( And, battery power) 

    2. check there is *.config file 

    3. Download BME688 Dev kit Software (v.1.5.0)

    4. Update firmware for BME688 dev kit 

    5. Remove previous bmeconfig in SD card, and copy the attached file into SD card.

    Please let me know if you still have issue. 


    Hello Minhawn,


    I checked the following:

    1. There is a batterie inside. 
    2. There is a config file 2021_04_27_13_53_BoardConfiguration.bmeconfig (default one from delivery state).
    3. I connected with the Android App. The App shows that firmware version 1.5 is already flashed.
    4. The app seems to properly connect (see 3) but it does not show any sensor data (see attached picture). 

    Maybe the ESP32 can not communicate with the sensor board from Bosch? I found several hair thin wires (0.5 mm long) at the PCB as checked it with my loupe.


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator



    Android app for BME688 is to check specific gas what you already learnt from AI studio. 

    The data in SD card you can check thru SD card reader, not android app. 

    Please follow below steps. 

    • Download all latest software
      1. BME688 Dev kit Software (v.1.5.0)
      2. BME688 Dev Android App (v.1.1.3)
      3. AI studio (v1.6.0)


    • Update firmware for BME688 dev kit based on 1.a
    • Gather new data after reset BME688 dev kit (At least, two type of data you need)
    • Run AI studio and learn algorithm, them generate config file. Then, generate BME board configure file.
    • Remove previous bmeconfig and config files in SD card, and copy the files into SD card.
    • Run Android app and connect BME688 dev kit

    Just in case, I attached my test files.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.




    after flashing the board it is working now.

    Maybe the pre-flashing software was not properly done. The firmware version shown by the App is still the same...


    However thank you very much for you supprt.


    Best regards,