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    BME AI Studio Stuck "Loading Application" on macOS

    BME AI Studio Stuck "Loading Application" on macOS

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    I recently downloaded v2.3.2 for macOS running Sonoma 14.2.1 on Apple Silicon. After downloading the folder, I used the disk image file to install the application. The application launched succesfully, but always gets stuck on the spalsh screen displaying the message "Loading Application" (see attached picture)


    I have looked around this forum and have seen some people suggest that users disable their firewall, which I also have tried to no avail. Does anyone know what causes this issue or how I can fix the probelm? If you need more information please just let me know. Thanks in adavance for the assistance.

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    Community Moderator

    Hi JohnGina,

    You need to make sure that your computer is a standard laptop and there are no special system settings.

    I am having the same problem.   It just sits at the loading screen forever.    I have a new macbook pro 14 m3 version running Sonoma 14.3.1.   There are no 'special' system settings, so if there is some setting that needs to be one way or another, any info would help.  

    I did some more research and this is an x86 application attempting to use Rosetta on Apple silicon for both the execution and gpu.   Is this even supported 

    Same problem with MacOS Sonoma 14.3.1 (23D60) - stucks on Loading Application

    Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 9.06.28.png

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    Community Moderator

    Hi karel_f,

    You can uninstall the software and install BME AI-Studio Desktop for macOS v2.3.2(download from again.
    Use Terminal to start the software and see if there are any error messages.