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    BME AI Studio on Mac

    BME AI Studio on Mac

    Established Member

    I installed the AI studio for Mac on a MacBook Pro 10.13. It starts up and gives the splash screen and never continues.

    I see an error message in ~/Library/Logs/bme*/electron.log: 


    {"message":" info This Node instance does not support builds for N-API version 6\nnode-pre-gyp info This Node instance does not support builds for N-API version 6","level":"error","service":"electron","timestamp":"2021-08-26T00:57:51.376Z"}


    I installed Electron Apps and they work fine. The sample code runs well. Node runs fine from a command prompt.

    How can I debug this?  The UI Studio runs fine on a new Macbook Pro but I can't always access this. I have Docker installed, tensorflow installed. My path is probably running something else?

    My actual preference is to run it on a RPI 4, raspberry OS 64 or 32 bit.




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    Hi BSTRobin,

    Thanks for this suggestion.

    I have installed Node v12.16.3 using "n" but unfortunately the same problem persists. I have confirmed that from the command line "node --version" returns v12.16.3 as expected. Not sure what to try next. I did note that prior to installing this version of Node, "node --version" returned command not found which did puzzle me somewhat. Is there a list of dependancies for BME AI Studio on the Mac?

    Kind regards.

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    - I did see that any installed tools were not used by the application ( good idea ).

    - BME AI studio works fine with my new hand me down Mac.

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    I installed BME AI Studio on my Intel Mac (OSX v11.5.2) and it worked without any further ado. Now as far as I can tell Node is not installed so if there is a requirement for a particular Node version in order for the AI Studio to work; what is going on?

    Is it possible that on the M1 Mac, AI Studio cannot run with Rosetta rather than there being some dependancy on Node?

    Are there any plans for a release of BME AI Studio with native support for M1 Macs?

    Kind regards

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello SJH,

    This is the app's dependence on other components, so you need to install the corresponding node.

    any updates on getting this to work on a M1 macbook?

    I've tried installing Node version 12.16.3 as well as the latest, but i still get the same error. "This Node instance does not support builds for N-API version 6"