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    BME280 - can someone please provide test readings under different conditions

    BME280 - can someone please provide test readings under different conditions

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    Can someone please provide a data set of reading from a BME280 sensor under different conditions?
    If I could have the coefficient registers as well as the actual register readings as well as the resulting values  under variable conditions (temperature range, humidity changes, pressure changes)
    I would really appreciate it.

    I am asking for this since attempting to produce the inverse functions to those provided by Bosch does not seem feasible (they behave somewhat like hash functions in that they are unidirectional) and/or Bosch is not in a position to provide these.

    I am building a component for something like Tinkercad where users can add these components to a circuit and essentially try the circuit software before and during building their projects. 


    Thanks in advance,





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    Community Moderator

    Hi bonnyr,

    You could refer chapter "1.2 humidify parameter specification", "Pressure sensor specification", "1.4 Temperature sensor specification" in BME280 data sheet.
    We recommend that you use the BME280 sensor API to obtain sensor data.

    BME280 compensation formulas.png

    Hi @BSTRobin 


    As you know (from my other thread)  I am aware of these functions. Since I did not get a response regarding the question I asked there,
    I am asking for test data from community members (understanding these would be for a particular sensor)

    Since any BME280 user using the Bosch library would read the coefficients first before computing the compensated values using 
    your library, providing this test data should produce the same readings for other users.

    Under normal circumstances, this is not necessary since users are building projects using the actual hardware, but as I mentioned in the previous post, I am doing this to support a community of users using arduino simulator environment like Tinkercad.

    Hope this makes sense?



    If anyone has test raw data for the BME280 and is willing to share, I would be most grateful


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    Community Moderator

    Hi bonnyr,

    As described in BME280 data sheet, sensor provide  temperature, humidity, pressure value output. The coefficient register is related to the chip design. We have no plan to disclose its details.