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    BME280 stops working. Shows humidity always 100%

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    BME280 stops working. Shows humidity always 100%

    We prepared a board with BM280. Use a stevenson screen and place it in outdoor. 
    Board works fine for months, but now stops working, it returns humidity always 100%. Temperature and pressure values looks fine. 

    FYR, We used Adafruit BM680 library.

    Please help us to get this device working. 

    Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    Velmurugan S

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    Re: BME280 stops working. Shows humidity always 100%

    Hi Velmurugan,


    At the top of my head, since you mentionned that the sensor was placed outdoors, I woudl say the most likely cause of failure is corrosion due to condensation inside of the package. BME280 is not a sealed device and the operating range is only for non-condensing environments.

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    Re: BME280 stops working. Shows humidity always 100%

    I have the same problem as well.  Are you able to solve the issue? If yes, can you share with me the solution. I have been searching around the internet and seem a lot of people are having this issue that the humidity stuck at 100%.



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    Re: BME280 stops working. Shows humidity always 100%

    I had same problem with my BME280. I used some isopropyl alcohol and then hotair station, 100°C/212F. Spray some isopropanol, let it sink in for a few seconds, then blow hot air for a while. Cool down and repeat few times. You can do it with live feedback, to check if it works. If it starts working, just repeat this steps few times and wait for readings to stabilize. It worked for me, but am not sure if its not just temporary fix.

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