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    Dear all,

    I have a couple of questions about your product PTH, BME280. I have been using it as integrated on a gas sensor test board to check PTH during the tests and I am able to read\save their data using some interfaces.

    1. How accurately can it detect "humidity"?

    2. What is that makes it super accurate to detect the humidity?

    3. Does it have any possibility to detect any gases other than humidity? If so, which gases\how much amount?

    Thank you for your considerations.


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    You can refer to our datasheet,  on page 8, we give the absolute accuracy tolerance for humidity which is +-3%.

    In order to get the accurate relative humidity output,  you need to have accurate temperature read out.  you can follow our HSMI document of BME280 to avoid self heating from your own PCB.

    We have BME680 to detect TVOC.  you can search our website to get datasheet of this part for better understanding. 

    Thanks for reply. But I have just gotten answer for my first question. Could you please give me the answers of 2nd and 3rd?   

    1. Ok.

    2. Need an answer: What is that makes BME280 detect the humidity? What is the mechanism of that? 

    3. Can BME280 detect any gases other than humidity? If so, which gases\how much amount? (note: I do not need to have new one which is detecting VOC)

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    BME280 is not a gas sensitivey sensor.  it can not detect any gas component. 

    BME280 use humidity sensitive capacity to detect the humidty value.