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    BME680 BSEC installation problems on Arduino ESP8266 ( NodeMCU v2/Wemos mini pro)

    BME680 BSEC installation problems on Arduino ESP8266 ( NodeMCU v2/Wemos mini pro)

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    I have a couple of questions realted to BSEC installation in Arduino ESP8266 (2.4.2 and 2.5.0):

    1. Executed all the steps from Integration Guidelines for Arduino platforms.pdf. the library seems to be properly  installed, the examples can be compiled without warnings and downloladed to the target platform. However, all the examples display the following error message after loading:

    BSEC library version
    BME680 error code : -2

    - Any clue why the target displays version instead of which was downloaded and installed? is the only library installed in my Arduino setup.

    - Any idea why error code: -2 is reported for every  example? The same HW setup works without any issues with Adafruit BME680 library.


    2. Why are there two different versions of bsec_dataset.h and bsec_interface.h inclued in BSEC library distribution? Which version of these files should be installed in Arduino setup? The ones that come with the libalgobsec.a (from \\algo\bin\Normal_version\esp8266) or the ones from\Arduino\BSEC\src\inc?

    3. Has anyone successfully run BSEC examples on NodeMCU/Wemos HW?



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    I have same issue with BSEC I am able to compile in Mac and Linux with Arduino  1.8.5 - 1.8.8, but always fails ( status -2 ).

    12:08:43.344 -> BSEC library version
    12:08:43.344 -> Timestamp [ms], raw temperature [°C], pressure [hPa], raw relative humidity [%], gas [Ohm], IAQ, IAQ accuracy, temperature [°C], relative humidity [%], Static IAQ, CO2 equivalent, breath VOC equivalent
    12:08:43.587 -> BSEC error code : -2

    Only thing I change from basic example is

    iaqSensor.begin(BME680_I2C_ADDR_SECONDARY, Wire);

    As my sensor is at 0x77

    Basic_data_loging example works fine with "envSensor.begin(BME680_I2C_ADDR_SECONDARY, Wire);"  change.

    How to debug this? I could send my binary if some one one can flash and test in working 0x77 adress device ( LOLIN D1 mini-pro or as requested) ? 

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    Community Moderator
    BSEC error code : -2

    This error is related to communication failure, most commonly caused either because of hardware connection or software protocol implementation. For the BME680 to run in I2C mode with secondary I2C address selected as in your post, please make sure that both CSB and SDO pins of your BME680 are connected to its VDDIO (we cannot determine the actual connections based on the picture of your third-party board). If you have access to an oscilloscope or logic analyzer, you could also monitor the communication to the sensor on the I2C bus to determine if what you see corresponds to what your software is trying to do.