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    BME680 BSEC dual sampling rate

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    Re: BME680 BSEC dual sampling rate

    Worked for me as well. BSEC v1.4.8.0

    Had to comment out also zeroOutputs() in readProcessData to keep gas related values going to zero..

    Dissapointed that the examples supplied aren't working. Makes me wunder about the BSEC library.

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    Re: BME680 BSEC dual sampling rate



    I don't think we are using zeroOutputs fuction. 

    Please download as below url. Currently,  we released BSEC 2.

    Of course, you might need to comment out or modify some code if your arduino hardware doesn't have EE2ROM part. 


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    Re: BME680 BSEC dual sampling rate

    Just to be clear, you're saying this libary is buggy:

    What is this library and how to use it?

    That's now been updated to this one:

    How do those APIs fit into the picture?

    As for the bsec_iot_example, it  is, at best,  very awkward to use.  Who wants all those files in their application?  WHy can't you make it a good Arduino style library?  At least put your bsec_iot_example into a decent library format and example.ino.  And  you should put a notice on the arduino library that it's buggy.



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    Re: BME680 BSEC dual sampling rate

    Could you expand upon the libaries.  I downloaded one library though the Arduino library manager.  You say it's buggy.  ANd that we should copy the iot_example libary to the src, but more information is needed.

    The existing ..Arduino\libraries\BSEC_Software_Library\src has directories of various platforms atmega, esp8266 and also of bme680

    The BSEC_1.4.8._Generic_Release_Update has a number of things in it.  It has a config directory with the  files defining the various generic... Does that need to go somewhere?

    Then there's the algo directory with a lite_version and normal_version, which I assume are the actual libaries. So do those get copied into the src directory? Inside each of those is a bin and inc folder.  And the bin folder has a list of hardware platforms : esp, gcc, MAC, avr etc.   Inside of the esp file is esp8266 and four files . 

    SO exactly how is this suppossed to be done?