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    BME680 - Calibration Parameters

    BME680 - Calibration Parameters

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    Hello Team and Community,

    I am trying to implement BME680 via SPI and LabView. So far I managed to read out the registers for the calibration parameters and the pure adc values.

    Feeding them to the formulas given in github, the results often did not make sense. Then I discovered THIS POST   

    There some parameters are negative and now I think I have data type issue. I transferred my parameters to the datatype of the post and it worked.

    However now I do not understand how to derive the datatype for the other parameters from datasheet or github, so I am stuck again.

    Can someone explain me how to do this or just post a list with the parameters and their expected range of values?

    This would help a lot.

    Thanks in advance.




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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Which value do you expected? 

    The IAQ value and eCO2 value? 

    To get those value,  you need BSEC lib to work with BME680 together. 

    After compensate from API function,  you should get temperature, pressure and humitiy value as their physical meaning. 

    Hello Vincent,

    I meant the calibration parameters that can be read from page0 in the sensor. These are used in the compensation formulas to convert the adc values.

    I found out that some of these are defined as int (possibly negative) and some are defined as uint (always positive).

    This can be found in the github code.

    So with defining the parameters to their datatype the temperature, pressure and humidity calculation works now.

    For gas I am still working on. Maybe I need your help later on.


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    OK, good to hear that. 

    If you need any support for gas in future,  just let me know.