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    BME680 Meaning of minimal result values?

    BME680 Meaning of minimal result values?

    New Poster

    I am using BME680 and testing now.
    While testing, the result value decrease to bVOC: 0.34 CO2eq: 400 and stay constant over 1 min, although a liquid is nearby.
    It acts with breath in the air.

    What does it mean? Sleeping or not correct working?
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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello physolo, 


    Here is the bVOC range: 05 - 1000 (ppm), but bVOC would 0.5 when the stationaryIAQ = 25 and it would be 15 ppm when the stationaryIAQ = 250.

    If stationaryIAQ is lower than 25, bVOC could be lower. 

    And CO2 range is 400 ~.. (ppm)


    Hello Minhwan,

    thank you for the answer.

    Is it also available that the CO2eq, bVOC and IAQ values are staying minimum values, although there is some chemical liquid?
    It ran about 15min. After 5min, it starts calibration.
    I checked also IAQ Accuracy and compared with other voc sensors.
    The other sensors detect and read different values, but BME680 read always same values, CO2eq: 0.34 and bVOC: 400 with IAQ:0 about 15 minute.
    I am wondering, whether it doesn't work or it needs to place quit far from a goal liquid. It was 10cm away from the liquid.

    Have a nice day

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello physolo


    Basically, default IAQ value shall be 25. I think you are talking about IAQ accuracy? 

    Please check one more time. 

    And could you let me know where you get your test code? 

    Officially, we have BSEC library as below.

    And BME68x as below.