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    BME680 Q

    BME680 Q

    New Poster

    Hello, Bosch

    I have a few questions about BME680.

    I'm working on a project with BME680
    Roughly speaking, we're going to take in air, detect toluene with VOC, and calculate the pressure difference.

    The first thing I'm curious about is
    Since the air is sucked in, the pressure is negative, but the BME680 says it can only detect 300 to 1100 hpa, so is it not possible to detect the negative?

    I want to check toluene with VOC, but is toluene registered in BSEC and can it be detected?

    And thirdly,
    May I know the name of the measuring equipment that is referenced for BME680 accuracy and measurement?


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi mgchoi,

    1. The output data is valid only when the sensor works within the range(300~1100 hPa);
    2. Do you mean you except to get gas type(toluene )?
    If yes, please refer: when you use the BME680, the BSEC algorithm does not directly output the result of identifying the gas type. You can use BME AI Studio to train the gas, generate the configuration file, and then run the BSEC algorithm to identify the gas type.
    3. Following ISO16000-29 test guidelines, we do not count the device names, as long as the devices meet this specification.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Are you saying to use BME688 if you are going to use BME AI for gas learning?

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi mgchoi,

    No, I said BME680.

    BME680 can also identify VOC gases as it run with BSEC2 algorithm.

    I didn't know it at all.
    So what is the difference between BME680 and BME688?
    I knew BME688 could detect individual gases, but I knew for the first time that BME680 was similarly possible.

    Also, there is an opinion that BME680 TVOC sensor should be forcibly heated and removed in the middle because it is toxic in a highly contaminated environment, so how can you explain this part?