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    BME680 - Safety - Saturated Ethanol Atmosphere

    BME680 - Safety - Saturated Ethanol Atmosphere

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    Short summary:

    We would like to use BME680 sensors to measure the level of ethanol vapour in an experiment that will run on board of a parabolic flight.
    For safety reasons, we have to demonstrate to the organising company of the parabolic flight that the measurement principle for VOC detection of the BME680 does not bring enough energy into the system to cause an ignition of the atmosphere, even if it is fully saturated with ethanol vapour.
    I would therefore like to ask you if you could confirm that the BME680 sensors are safe to use for this application. Many thanks in advance for your help!

    Some more detailed explanation of what our experiment will look like:

    During our experiments, liquid ethanol will be used in a closed experimental chamber (approx. 1000 cm^3). Due to the volatile nature of ethanol, the liquid ethanol will evaporate over the course of our experiments and thus generate ethanol concentrations in the ambient air up to the saturation point of the ambient air.

    To monitor this ethanol concentration in the ambient air of the experimental chamber, we would like to use several of their BME680 VOC sensors.
    With regard to the parabolic flight, the question arises whether the measuring principle of the BME680 introduces so much energy into the system that, in the case of an atmosphere completely saturated with ethanol, an ignition can occur.

    Unfortunately, I could not find this information in the documents for the BME680 sensors on their website.
    However, due to the safety regulations of the French company organising the parabolic flight, we have to clarify this aspect before we can get permission to fly our experiment.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi burgis,

    The BME680 is a consumer grade sensor and should not be used in safety related applications.

    Dear BSTRobin,

    thanks for your answer. To clarify: We do not plan to use the sensors in any safety-relevant procedures.
    To be more precise with my question: Is there a voltage on the component surface that is in contact with the open atmosphere?

    Many thanks in advance for your help!

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi burgis,

    we have done tests with the BME680 sensor for Ethanol from 1 ppm up to 1000 ppm and found reliable output.