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    BME680 Sensor Calibration for on PCB board (Task Scheduler usage)

    BME680 Sensor Calibration for on PCB board (Task Scheduler usage)

    New Poster

    Hi ,

        I am using BME680 Sensor for my project to measure all environmental values. There are two problems which I am facing when using that sensor on my own PCB board.

    1) The Temperature and humidity values are not so correct when compared with the refernced calibrated senors. It vary but it did not show correct values. How can I use temperature Offset command? 

    2) When example program is used, the IAQ Accuracy changed to 1 after some 5 minutes. But when I used those code snippets in my main code to send data over WiFi through MQTT, the accuracy to not updating as same the other IAQ, Co2 parameters also not updating. I used Task Scheduler in my main program. Is that a problem? How can I solve that?

    Please answer. Thankyou.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi VigneshS,

    Could we know the detailed software information you used?
    And did you record data log for check?

    I have used the sensor library from the below given link 

    BSEC Software Library

    I have logged the datas coming from the sensors. After 24 hours continuos running, the sensors show the same difference of humidity, and temperature values from the original values somewhere by 20 percent for humidity and 2-3 degree celius for temeprature.

    Can you tell me the correct method to calibrate the BME680 Sensors for our environment?

    Is using Task Scheduler a problem in my program? 

    After using that, I am not able to obtain any variation coming on IAQ Accuracy ,IAQ , Co2, VoC...
    Please reply as soon as possible.


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi VigneshS,

    In BME680 sensor API, it has already compensated for temperature and humidity.

    We are not familiar with Task Scheduler. You can run the BSEC example separately and not run Task Scheduler, see the test result again.