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    BME680 Sensor Mounted On Same Location, While Comparing their IAQ values, behaves differently

    BME680 Sensor Mounted On Same Location, While Comparing their IAQ values, behaves differently


    Hello Everyone , I am conducting some tests on the BME680 sensors  and their respose to the enviroment, So  for the test purpose I have placed two of the sensor exactly on the same location , and others are placed at some distance from them, I have let the sensors to run for 3 days,after three days , I have burnt some plastic material, in order to create smoky enviroment, the enviromentwas quite smoky, 
    What I found some strange things , the two sensors placed next to each other  performs differently , Which I will  show  you on the graph , The two sensors placed almostly on the same location , then it should responeded to the enviroment in exactly the same way, but from the graph it behaves differently I just want to know the reason why this different behaviour is shown by the sensor that are placed exactly on the same location.

    Note: I am using BSEC Library , and the sensors are operating in LP Mode, IAQ Configuration is : generic_33v_300s_4d, but because I am using LP mode of the sensor , the interval between readings is : 3 Seconds.

    Two sensor placed next to each other , marked with white Color pencile, The shape of the graph are different

    As you can see the sensor marked with white colour , are placed next to each other , but the graph shows different behaviour, This should be of same shape.

    NOTE: This is the Static IAQ values reporting by the sensors.

    Any help in regarding this will much be appreciated Thanks.

    WhatsApp Image 2022-03-22 at 7.34.56 AM.jpg

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