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    BME680 ULP Plus Not Working!

    BME680 ULP Plus Not Working!



    I am trying to use the BME680 sensor in ULP + mode, that is, receive data both every 5 minutes and receive it when needed, for example, every 2 minutes.

    The problem is that even using the example from the BSEC library for the ULP Plus mode, I get error 101, which, as I understand it, means that I am trying to receive data at the wrong time intervals.
    From BSEC documentation: "ULP plus is not allowed because an ULP
    measurement just took or will take place ".

    Moreover, after trying to get data like this, the sensor stops measuring every 5 minutes, it just freezes.

    I tried to use the ULP Plus additional measurement both immediately after the automatic ULP measurement, and after a minute, two and three.

    What am I doing wrong and how do I use the sensor in this mode?

    ESP32. Sensor configuration: 3.3V. 3 seconds measurement (3s supports the ULP plus feature for the ULP mode) , 4 days 
    Sample Rate: ULP

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello NazarDiadiun,

    Could we know the link of the BSEC software you refer?

    Thanks for the answer.

    I am using version from the official github repository.

    I found the documentation on using the library at the link:

    Hello NazarDiadiun,

    ULP mode offers output data at slow rate thereby minimizing power consumption.

    ULP could work with BSEC, you cold refer attachment example code on my side.

    Test result.png

    Hey! Thanks for the reply!

    No problem when using ULP mode. It measures and outputs data correctly every 5 minutes. But when I try to use the ULP + mode, when the sensor measures data every 5 minutes, and allows an additional measurement in the period between regular measurements, the sensor stops working.
    I am using the code from the BSEC library example