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    BME680 - continously compare values between sensors

    BME680 - continously compare values between sensors



    After digging through this forum I have some understanding of different air-qualiy-related values measured by BME680, but I'd like to confirm couple of things

    We are planning to install BME680 sensors in multiple rooms (living spaces, occupied by people, not industrial) to gather continous data on their air quality. Since it will be rather static environment, we'll use sIAQ. As I understand, this way we'll see which room requires ventilation at the moment. However, if we'd like to compare rooms we'l have problem as all rooms after good ventilation should indicate 25, no matter if their furnishings emit hight VOCs or not.

    One way to solve it, would be to calibrate the sensors in one place, but after some time they will re-calibrate to new environment anyway. However,  we control the persistance of sensor's state (state_load/state_save). So here are my questions:

    1. Would we achieve constant cross-calibration of sensors if we either share the state between them, or periodically reload their state to avoid recalibration?
    2. Or is there any other way to just keep the sensors on one calibration level?
    3. Or alternatively, is it possible to get some data allowing to compare the calibration results between sensors?
      • E.g. if we compare the raw air resistancy and their sIAQ - could we find out, which room sensor has been calibrated to higher pollution (i.e. the room has probably higher polution from other sources then human breath)?

    Thanks for explanations

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello KarolGro,

    Do you mean that you will load the calibration profile of this sensor onto other sensors? Swap calibration profiles?

    Normally, calibration profiles are generated based on different sensors and cannot be used with each other.

    Yes, this was one of our ideas, but as I understand, it might be wrong

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello KarolGro,

    Calibration profiles are generated based on different sensors and cannot be used with each other.

    I see, thanks for clarification

    Are there any other means to cross-calibrate the sensors?