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    BME680 controlled by Arduino Micro

    BME680 controlled by Arduino Micro

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    I would like to use an Arduino Micro (Atmega32U4) to control a BME680. Since I want to measure IAQ and CO2 concentration, I need to use the BSEC library. As far as I understand the list of supported Arduino board on the Atmega32U4 is not supported. Is this true?

    Another way (according to would be to send the raw data to a PC und use the BSEC DLL to compute IAQ values. This would solve my problem (at least partially). But what do I have to do, when I want to use an Android phone as backend?

    Thank you very much for your answer!

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi TB_ES,

    Given the current memory requirements for the BSEC library are more than what the Atmega32u4  has.

    How will you connect the Android phone to the Arduino Micro? Would be via USB? Also, would you then use an Android app to process the data? One would have to develop an Android app based off the BSEC library for an Android Java Native Interface. We currently do not provide the BSEC library for JNI based applications. Is there another way you have in mind?

    Yes, we wanted to use USB to transfer the sensor data to the mobile phone and do the computation of IAQ and CO2 concentration there in an app. So it seems the BSEC library for an Android JAVA native interface would be the solution for us. Do you see achance to support us here?