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    BME680 conversion from sensor resistance reading to gas concentration

    BME680 conversion from sensor resistance reading to gas concentration

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    we integrated the BME680 sensor into our new prototyping board. I managed recover all the mesurement done by the sensor, i can process almost all except the gas resitance reading. With this mesurement i have the resitance reading from the  sensor but i don't know how to convert it into a VOC concentration.
    Is there a calculation i can apply to my resitance reading to deduce the concentration ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Unlike the raw sensor output (gas resistance) that can be obtain directly from the sensor via the compensation formulas, you will need to integrate the BSEC library (pre-compiled binary available here) to transform the gas resistance values into IAQ index (or any of the other available processed outputs).

    Our board is arduino based i saw that their is a arduino version of BSEC library but it say it's only tested with an Atmega 2560 but our Board is using an Atmega 328p , will the arduino BSEC library will work with our board ?

    The Atmega328P is an 8-bit microcontroller with only 32kB of flash. In its smallest form, the BSEC library need 25kB of flash in itself, in addition to 32-bit floating point emulation libraries.

    I do not believe this microcontroller is big enough for this application.

    Since it will  not be  possible for us to use the BSEC library. Can you send me directly the calculation that will allow us to the post processing on our own.