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    BME680_driver on Jetson Nano (arm A57)

    BME680_driver on Jetson Nano (arm A57)


    Hi Folks,

    Long story short ->

    I'd like to let this sensor (sitting on "CJMCU-680" breakout) up & running on a Jetson Nano through I2C. My very 1st milestone is use BME680_driver.

    Nothing really special. The breakout board choosed I2C Address 0x77. This should be the most "special" one I guess. 😄





    i2cdetect -y -r 0



    I know the sensor is there, and I did got dump from i2cdump under this address as well. I can read some registers without changes. (To exclude possible hardware issue)


    I got many input from repo (Bus read / write functions): bsec_bme680_linux

    Could any one gives me a idea what can be wrong with my mini implementation? My Repo: Bosch_BME680_Jetson

    The current symptom is: It only read out the values as follow:



    Status: 128 Index: 255 T: 33.87 degC, P: 679.49 hPa, H 100.00 %rH




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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Yes, correctly.  

    your sensor output looks quite good now.  then you need BSEC lib to output the real IAQ which is more meaningful for you to use in any use senario.  

    Hi Vicent,

    So I believe I will stop this thread now.

    If you have any quick tip about which *.a file from BESEC I can pick for my project (NVidia Jetson nano), please. If not, that's all right, I can try my luck.

    Thanks again & hope you have a nice day!

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    i think you can take lib file built by arm-gcc.  hope you can successfully for first try.  🙂