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    BME680 on ESP8266 IAQ, CO2, ... do not change

    BME680 on ESP8266 IAQ, CO2, ... do not change



    I use a  Wemos D1 ESP8266 Board with a BME680 connected to I2C , BSEC libary installed and adjustments done as decribed in the Github pages ( and using the "basic" example from there. Temp., humidity, pressure look OK, but all other values do not change since 9 days (IAC =25, Accuracy=0, CO2 = 500, VOC = 0.5).

    Edit: Gas resitance changes, esp. when I breath on it, so Iassume the sensor works, but caclulation of the values not.

    I've tested three versions of the BSEC library, but no change (1.2.1474, 1.4.703,

    I'm using Arduino IDE 1.8.13, includes are: bsec.h (as per example provided)

    Any ideas?



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    Thanks again for the answer.

    Can I ask if you save the state in the eprom? If yes, do you save it when it is greater than 1? I would like to prevent the value from 1 going back to 0 and then back to 1 .


    I'm not sure if my code saves the state in the eprom. I've just applied the mentioned code and it seems to work for me. I'm using MicroPython mainly and as there seems to be no BSEC python implementation, I've just altered the example code so the data collected/calculated is send to my MQTT server. I use node-red from there. As stated before, it looks OK-ish compared to an MQ135 sensor.

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     Hello Desh, thanks to the help of a user I was able to calibrate my sensor up to an accuracy of 3. To speed up this operation, I approached the sensor with a handkerchief with a little hair spray. After this operation it is sufficient to wait for some time (about one day) to see the value rise and remain constant at 3. During this day it is important to get fresh air to the sensor.

    Since the calibration duration is very long it is useful to save the status in the eprom

    Hope this information will help you.


    Thanks a lot jordan982!