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    BME680 rules for running BSEC with timer

    New Visitor

    BME680 rules for running BSEC with timer

    I hve a couple of questions that could be answered if you had some clear rules defined about using the BSEC library. 

    I have an application where I want to log data evry minute.  Currently I average 3 readings at 20 seconds sampling to get the data at the minute mark. I currently have the BME680 running with the Adafruit_BME680.h library and getting the T, H, Raw Resistance, and Pressure, sampling at the 20s interval.

    I'd like to add the BSEC library eCO2 to that list.

    So I several questions.

    1. Can I run the Adafruit library and BSEC library at the same time? 

    2. In ULP mode, from what I read, the libary has to be "read" every 3 seconds (ie. has to run every 3 seconds, at which time I could read the eC02 value.  And this could be triggered by a timer.  Is this correct?

    3. In ULP plus mode, I could then also do iaq.Sensor() at the 20 second mark.  And very 3rd 20 second read would correspond to a 3 second read too. Is this correct?

    4. What isn't clear is what values are really only able to be read at the 3 second interval?  Clearly with the Adafruit library I can read at various intervals.  So the raw signals are available more regularly.  What bout the compensated T and H readings?  Are they only at the 3 second mark?

    5. I saw somewhere on this forum that one of the iaq values has to be 3 in order for the eCO2 value to be valid.  Which one is that?

    6. Why isn't some basic info like this in the data sheet or the integration guide.  Most of the world doesn't run its software on a busy loop.