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    BME680 state_save / state_load problem

    BME680 state_save / state_load problem

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    using Arduino 1.88 / 1.85 with ESP8266 (lib 2.50 / 2.42) and two BME680 sensors.

    Final goal is to use these sensors in portable devices, but at first in normal mode without sleeping process.

    If using the config_state sample I can see that the state_save and state_load will not work correct.

    what is going on:
    1) BME starts - after some time will get right values as expected with accuracy=1
    2) some time later have still valid values with accuracy=2, sometimes is falling back to accuracy=1
    3) auto save procedure (with accuracy=2 (?) or even 1 (!) ) will be done
        (have canged this in code that I allow autosave only if accuracy >=2 - maybe "3" is correct? )
    4) After autosave to EEPROM with accuracy=3  reboot the ESP (power loss...)

    -> Load values from EEPROM

    5) BME start and show at first minutes no valid values and accuracy=0  (maybe correct ?)
    6) After some minutes accuracy=2 but IAQ is still 0 - for a very long time (hours).
        Resistance is in normal range (as before restarting) - so no changes.

    The only way is erase the EEPROM and start at new - then all is fine again (until next restart).

    I already made some control procedures - but not sure how to get a valid config_load after restarting.

    BTW: I have compared the saved and loaded values before - identical.

    Any idea?



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    Hi Bosch,

    fortunately I found this here. I was suprised that the issues suddenly disappeared.
    Any news?


    Our experts believe they have found the root-cause for this behavior as well as how to solve it. It will go through our standard verification/validation process new week Robot Happy

    Once approved, we will publish this new release on our website as soon as possible. Unfortunately we cannot fully control this process, therefore we can't provide a fixed date for the update, but will let you know here when available.

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    I have also encountered this problem today, and luckily found this thread before I made my own.

    For now I have the saving of state disabled, but I will keep an eye out for the solution.



    is there an update on this topic? We will need this fix soon or have to look for an alternative.

    Please, share your ideas for alternatives 🙂 .

    I've evaluated the Sensiron SGP30 as alternative, but I still prefer the BME680 over it. Despite of this 3 month old regression with the state saving/loading.